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Where nerdy meets fashionista and where geeks got fashion!

Eyes on Tees is more than a website. It's a growing community of geek-fashion-fusion-istas - united in the love of eyes, glasses and the lifestyle of a nerd who embraces girly glam. The t-shirt way!

Deliciously different, funky eyes-and-frame combos. Designs to match your style and suit your unique personality. Sexy, sassy colours.

Fashionista...self-proclaimed nerd...a geek with glam...a chic chick...You'll find the perfect Eyes on Tees t-shirt for you. And now you "got vision" - to become part of an exclusive and ever-growing Eyes on Tees tribe - a fun funky family.

At Eyes on Tees, you'll also get evolving designs, deals that sizzle and pop...and coming soon, the comic-strip adventures of the nerdy-fashionista super-hero you've always dreamed of being!